Ripped Jeans, White Shirt

This is one of those looks I love, but have struggled so much to master. True nonchalant.

The I'm-just-popping-out-to-the-movies-on-a-Friday-night-in-New-York-look. It's the style of a girl who dresses this way all week long, so it ain't a thing. It's natural cool.

I often feel on the spectrum of casual to dressy, I can never strike the just-below-medium mark. When off to the movies, I'm either in gym leggings gripping a box of popcorn like someone’s going to steal it, or wedges and a silk top, feeling over-done.

I think what I love the most about this look is how her shirt is loosely tucked into her high-waisted jeans. I never thought to do this because it reminds me too much of high school. I used to wear these terrible over-sized boys skate t-shirts, tucking them into my flared jeans. This outfit successfully hid the skinny, late-blooming teenage body underneath.

But now that I am a grown woman, it might be time to tuck. 

So on the wish list this week...

Skinny jeans with just the smallest of rips: Best not to go over-board. I prefer tore my knee on a fence whilst frolicking through a field, not dragged through the bush.

White Shirt: Best quality you can find, you will have it for a long time.

Slip Ons: Should be subtle - that sandal your mum used to want you to buy because it would go with everything.

Delicate Necklance: I'm smitten with Bo Runga's range, find here.

Much love XX

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