Alexa Chung Street Style

Alexa Chung. It's no secret that I just love her style. She is an icon and the queen of diversity. She doesn't feel the need to fit into one style box and this makes her so very captivating. Her styling often reminds me of the dress-up box in the attic. All crumpled silk shirts, shift dresses and innocence. A little grunge, a little vintage, a little classic.

I too have a very mixed style. Sometimes classic, sometimes bohemian, sometimes vintage. Dressing is about expressing oneself. It can be empowering. There is just something so wonderfully confident about a girl who knows herself so well, she's not afraid to mix it up and be brave.

When a whimsical It girl with the really good bed head unites with the right vintage dress, style history is made.

Much love XX

Pictures taken from pinterest.com. Search=Alexa Chung Style.
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