Two For Monday.

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Every other day on my facebook page, I upload a stylish pair. My stylish babe of the day and my skux* of the day.

*Skux: Skux originally spelt skuks is a word derived from New Zealand (Lower Hutt, Wellington to be exact) usually used in a sentence such as "what a skuks guy" or "(name) you skuks" meaning a male/female is good looking with stylish clothing and/or stylish hair who is good at attracting the opposite sex.

I have decided to upload them to the blog instead, as not all that follow the facebook page are interested in style, some are there to follow my lifestyle blog instead.

So here they are, to brighten your Monday mood with some style inspiration. Monday's stylish babe rocking the black leather, and my mini skux. Look at him striking a pose. What a lady killer.

Much love XX

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