Tequila Mockingbird

 Blazer: Tailored.
Singlet: Witchery
Necklace: Max
Jeans: Neuw Denim
Shoes: Rubi

On my final night in Christchurch, the man and I visited the new Restaurant, Tequila Mockingbird on Victoria Street. The menu was quite amazing. Steak with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, clams, crunchy pork, home-made kumara tortilla chips, bread and gherkins with a warm cheese sauce . You can choose an assortment of shared dishes, or a larger dish off the grill. The food was delicious, the service was amazing and the price was fair. All and all very enjoyable. As usual, my favourite images of the night were the accidental blurry shots. And anyway, isn't that what the world should look like after a little too much tequila and a good meal? 

Much love xx

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