Sunday Beachin.

T-shirt: The People Vs from Superette.  This Zoe Karssen tee is similar.
Demim cut-offs from Jay Jays
Oversized knit from Juliette Hogan, this cardi from ASOS is similar. And MUCH cheaper. 
Scarf from Kimberleys.
Shoes from Lipstick.
Necklace from Saben. See a blog post on this necklace here.

I'm not the most skilled of models. I often find it hard to ensure I don't show every single one of my teeth when I smile for a photo. 'Smile with your eyes for god sake!' Mum would say. During my 'photo shoots' I spend most of my time laughing at the dope behind the camera, no doubt because he is saying something ridiculous like 'yeah, work it, work it!'

But, as I look at these shots, I am reminded of a quote by Audrey Hepburn:

'Happy girls are the prettiest'

So maybe it isn't about being a good model after all.

Much love XX

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