On Sex Appeal

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You will find that this site is never about being skinny, or perfect, it's about being happy and living a beautiful life. There are a lot of bloggers making a lot of money teaching you how to strive for perfection. What I want people to take from my site is how to feel good about themselves and how to have a great sense of style. And a sense of style does not mean following all the fashion trends and being stick thin. 

I am like any girl, I have my days when I look in the mirror and am less than thrilled with what I see. But, I eat very healthy and I exercise because it is good for my soul, not my abs. A week or so ago, I blogged about French style here. About the confidence and beauty that comes from a woman who loves who she is. If we spend all our time worrying about what we look like, what will happen when we go to parties or on dates? We will be such boring humans with nothing of value to add to the world. What sort of women will we be if we grow old knowing mostly about nail varnish and nothing of substance. 

I love fashion and beauty, but I also work to broaden my mind and never stop learning. When I leave this earth, I would rather people say 'she was fascinating, wise or intelligent' than 'she always had a great blow-wave'.

I found the following article by accident. But I am so glad I did. It is Walter Kirn's take on sex appeal. I'm not saying every guy feels the same, but it sure is a fabulous and eloquent way of describing beauty. It shows that not all guys desire perfection in their mates, and some actually prefer a woman with subtle beauty and depth to her personality.

Some of the sexiest women I know aren't tiny. They don't have perfect faces. But they take good care of themselves, and they have sass and intelligence. In males or females, these two qualities can make someone irresistible. Don't you think? 

Read and enjoy. I hope you are saying kind beautiful words to yourself inside your head today. 

Pieces of You - Walter Kirn

Much love XX

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