My Street Style - Christchurch

Cashmere Sweater: Sass and Bide
Top: Wolves Within in Brooklyn, NY
Jeans: Country Road

This weekend, me and my fella had a look around the damaged centre of my home town, Christchurch. For all of my overseas viewers, Christchurch was hit by terrible earthquakes a year and a half ago and the city is still recovering. Many buildings were flattened giving way to empty lots and rubble. As we wandered, we couldn't help but feel humble. Buildings had fallen and exposed old painted-on advertisements, that had long remained covered by new structures. Adds for paint and cigarettes that must be nearly 100 years old. You couldn't help but ponder how many years it had taken us to build this city and how quickly mother nature had knocked it down. Which makes you feel very small and insignificant indeed.

But, if you put aside your fear of change, you can see something really exciting happening. People filling the space with businesses and art. A new culture bred from a city that was brought to it's knees. It is a city that is now busying itself, and getting on with it. 

Great shops, great food. Christchurch central is on it's way. It will never be the same, it will be something else entirely. How exciting.

Much love xoxo

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