Clearing Out the Clutter - The Wardrobe Purge.

I was reading a page of fashion tips recently, one of which I thought was really interesting. It stated, that when having the wardrobe purge and clearing out the clutter in your life, there was one cardinal rule...

Would you buy it now? If you saw the object in a store, would you buy it again today?
If not, it goes.

The idea is, you should only have things in your life that really mean something to you and genuinely contribute to your happiness. Things that give you daily pleasure. If not, they are using up mental energy by just existing.

As I stared at my wardrobe the other day, I was horrified. Would I buy some of this now? No! 50% of the contents of my wardrobe, I am holding on to because they are too good to get rid of. But, if I saw them hanging in a store now, I wouldn't even pick them up. 

What an interesting idea, but what a difficult thing to do. Often we hold on to things in our lives for many different reasons. Often for security and safety.
In my case it is out of guilt. I know that many of those things I bought because I was having a bad day and it felt great to have some instant gratification. I spent money I didn't have to try to make me happy. And now, this wardrobe is evidence of the fact that I have bought clothes to battle sadness at times. 

I often sacrificed quality for the instant joy of quantity.

But now that I don't feel the need to do this anymore, I am still left with all this stuff! Unneeded, unwanted stuff. Stuff that contributed to the debt that I got myself into two years ago. It feels as though getting rid of everything and starting again would make all the hard work to get out of debt...well...for nothing.

But that is the hard part of life sometimes isn't it. Learning lessons can be the medicine that needs a spoon full of sugar to go down. And my spoon full of sugar, was being able to tell myself that it was all for something, because look at all my great clothes!

When in reality, I can still have my love affair with clothing. I can still obsess and shop and appreciate fine tailoring and immaculate craftsmanship. But more doesn't always = better.

I can choose wisely and take pride in that.

I can open the door to my wardrobe in the morning, look at the clothes before me and rejoice that I have plenty to wear! Plenty of things that I just love. 

So here goes...the purge...wish me luck and watch this space!

Much love XX

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