Hello All, 

Welcome to my new site, Rosebud. I have been blogging for a little more than a year now over at my other site Sweet Apple, and have seen all of the wonderful opportunities that can come out of this powerful tool called the internet. This includes job offers and collaborations, but most importantly, connecting with others who share your passions. Nothing is more valuable than that. I have made friends all over the globe! In this world we live in today, we have to pursue our passions relentlessly. Especially if we want to make them a way of life and a career, instead of just a hobby. 

Whilst posting on Sweet Apple, I took note that posts such as 'outfit of the day' (OOTD), the style advice and street style inspirations, were some of the most popular posts. Not wanting to lose my creative outlet that is writing and photography, I have started an additional site that will be about all things style, so that Sweet Apple can remain my place of creativity and light.

There will be the odd chat about trends on Rosebud, but to be honest, I'm not a huge trend follower anymore. My style has begun to evolve as I live, learn and grow as a person. I am becoming more and more interested in knowing where my clothes come from, in quality that is still affordable, comfort, and timelessness. This site will become a scrapbook of my style evolution.

I am slowly, ever so slowly, learning that less is more. 

My goal is to have a wardrobe that is not excessively large or overwhelming. But when I walk into it, and run my hand along the hanging silks and cottons. I want to love. every. piece. And I want to feel sexy, confident and comfortable, every time I leave the house. 

That is what we all want right? The beauty of the internet is that many of the things I wear, or something very similar to it, will be available online somewhere for you. Or maybe you just want a bit of inspiration, or just to look at some pretty outfits.

Am I an expert? No. Have I been to design school? Nope. Am I a model? Certainly not. But do I love clothing and style? More than is probably healthy. 

I have been a little too shy to start this site before now. I get terribly embarrassed in front of a camera. But sadly, my friends are less than excited about being models for me. And maybe this is an opportunity to face some insecurities and become a more confident woman as I approach the end of my 20's. 

I hope to start my own business one day, and your input will help me to deliver the things to you that you really want. I'm excited about the journey ahead.

I hope to post 2-3 times a week as I get the site off the ground. Tuesday's will be my own street style. Thursday's will be looks I love, with discussion. And if I am feeling ambitious, I will do the odd post on a Wednesday with style tips I live by. If you have any questions, or something you would like me to write about, just email me at the address here.

How did I stumble across the name Rosebud? Somebody special gave me that nickname. And in a rush, I typed it into blogger, and a big tick came up next to the title box. Rosebud it is. But I kind of like it. It's growing on me more and more. 

So welcome!! The closet is a little bare right now, but I look forward to hanging some gems up soon for you to enjoy.

Much love, 

Your Rosebud XX

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