How To Wear - The Oversized Knit

We are going into summer here in NZ and my weekly street stye will reflect this. However, most of my followers are actually from the other side of the world, so I thought I would mention this look I am loving.

I think I may have been a bit hard on the oversized knit. I was always drawn to them on the store shelf. But would then kick myself when I got home, looked in the mirror, and felt like a bit of a frump. Turns out I just had to find another way to wear this cosy wardrobe staple. 

I stumbled across the first image of Miranda Kerr and realised instantly that the key to making a chunky knit look chic on the street was the addition of a heel (be it boot or otherwise). And after some additional research, a bare leg also seems to balance the look.

What a great excuse to go shoe and skirt shopping. I owe it to my neglected woolens to give them some love, before they are stowed away for the summer.

Much love XX

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