Clearing Out the Clutter - The Wardrobe Purge.

I was reading a page of fashion tips recently, one of which I thought was really interesting. It stated, that when having the wardrobe purge and clearing out the clutter in your life, there was one cardinal rule...


Wednesday Inspiration.

A fashion themed life quote. You know that is going to be right up my alley!

Enjoy your Wednesday beauties xx


French Street Style

Photo Credit.

I am a little bit in love with French style. Ok, I'm a lot bit in love. I'm smitten.  So this will be the first of many posts on what makes French women, and men for that matter, look so fabulous.

Over Christmas last year, I spent a month living in an orphanage in Vietnam. There was a French girl who would come in sporadically to help out and do gardening. I will add here, that we were out in the middle of nowhere. But, she always managed to look chic. Even when weeding! It baffled and astounded me. It wasn't effortful, it was engrained in her, so it wasn't work. Her outfits were always so simple: a neutral shirt made of a beautiful cotton, a flattering pair of leggings, little cream lace-ups or a plain sandal. Some stunning, understated jacket or cardigan, and always a scarf at hand. Always. She fascinated me.

There are a few factors that add to the French allure. The first, is their mantra that less is more. A concept I am learning myself and will therefore be speaking about a lot on this site. I love the idea of adoring everything I own, even if that means I have to have fewer pieces and spend a little more on them.

But most importantly, it's the confidence that shines with simplicity. Over-the-top is just unnecessary. They appear to not buy into the idea that boobs out and impossibly long hair makes them more feminine.

I love the idea of second look beauty. It's not the beauty that walks toward you on the street and can't be ignored. It's more subtle. It's that beauty that isn't obvious, but makes you want to take another look, and then another, as the fine details unfold.

I think it is these things that actually make this style stand out in a sea of too much make-up, chemically tired hair and passing trends.

Instead of right now, it says forever. It says I drink champagne with lunch on Sunday, not because anyone is watching, but because everyday of life should be a celebration.

Oh la la.

Much love xoxo


Sunday Beachin.

T-shirt: The People Vs from Superette.  This Zoe Karssen tee is similar.
Demim cut-offs from Jay Jays
Oversized knit from Juliette Hogan, this cardi from ASOS is similar. And MUCH cheaper. 
Scarf from Kimberleys.
Shoes from Lipstick.
Necklace from Saben. See a blog post on this necklace here.

I'm not the most skilled of models. I often find it hard to ensure I don't show every single one of my teeth when I smile for a photo. 'Smile with your eyes for god sake!' Mum would say. During my 'photo shoots' I spend most of my time laughing at the dope behind the camera, no doubt because he is saying something ridiculous like 'yeah, work it, work it!'

But, as I look at these shots, I am reminded of a quote by Audrey Hepburn:

'Happy girls are the prettiest'

So maybe it isn't about being a good model after all.

Much love XX


Two For Monday.

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Every other day on my facebook page, I upload a stylish pair. My stylish babe of the day and my skux* of the day.

*Skux: Skux originally spelt skuks is a word derived from New Zealand (Lower Hutt, Wellington to be exact) usually used in a sentence such as "what a skuks guy" or "(name) you skuks" meaning a male/female is good looking with stylish clothing and/or stylish hair who is good at attracting the opposite sex.

I have decided to upload them to the blog instead, as not all that follow the facebook page are interested in style, some are there to follow my lifestyle blog instead.

So here they are, to brighten your Monday mood with some style inspiration. Monday's stylish babe rocking the black leather, and my mini skux. Look at him striking a pose. What a lady killer.

Much love XX


Friday Top Five - Casual.

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Casual is the hardest look to really nail isn't it. Get yourself glam on a Saturday night and it's easy to feel fabulous. But what if you aren't a big party animal? What if you want to feel fabulous when you meet the girls for lunch on a Sunday? That is when it can all seem a bit hard.

When I can, I am going to try and make Friday a dedication to all things casual style. Just in time for the weekend.

With the ladies above, I think it is all about the details. A pop of colour, the perfect necklace, a beautiful hat....and red boots. How can you ever feel boring and plain with the perfect red ankle boot.

Basics with a slice of personality. Maybe that is the key.

I'll be showing off my casual style on Tuesday. Much love and have a fabulous weekend. XX